Our Story

The technology behind BLACK STAR encapsulates all the gems of knowledge and science we have gleaned over 35 years working with professionals and brings it to you home.

Michael Whiteside, founder of Studio Connections, started working as a recording and technical engineer in studios in 1980 when analogue recording was at it vangarde, and digital beagn to develop.

Musical Tales

The Recording Engineer’s Story

Cnezo Townshen is oneof the UK’s prominent por and rock recording engineers. We find him in his studio and ask ‘What does a recording enginner affect the music we hear, and,of couse,, what dffernce cabling make

Mastering Engineer’s Story

What does a mastering enginner do, and how does this affect the music we hear

The Theatre Producer’ Stroy
The Musician’s Story
The Amplifier Manufacture’s Story
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