BLACK STAR is our newest and finest cabling system. It is the result of stringent and ground breaking developed in world-class home set-ups, live theatre rigs and recording studio installations. BLACK STAR power and signal cables are made to work together as one entity. Their designs are matched to provide a cohesive environment that is opimised to maximise the capability of the system components to work as one:

This brings the performance of the audio system as a whole to an absolute peak. This dramatically improves how realistic a system is capable of reproduces sound.


A range dedicated to delivering stable power at a good price. CARBON SCREENED POWER has been awarded the prestigeous OUTSTANDING PRODUCT award by Hi-FI pig [see full review]. Tested in many situations, by clearing down the noisef loor and stabilising the connections betweeen kit, it bring resolution and depth to the created audio image. The value of CSP is simply put, one client said “you’ve just made a £100,000 mixing console sound like a £200,000 one”


Our main live theatre and recording studios; it is intended to work as a system, dramatically altering how realistic a system reproduces sound. It encapsulates all the gems of knowledge and science we have gleaned over 35 years working with professionals and brings it to you home.

If one word summarise what Black Star brings to great music, that word is atmosphere.