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Studio Connections: From Abbey Road to Black Star…

“‘Why does sound loose its real quality as soon as it is recorded?’ –  I asked this as a recording engineer over 30 years ago, and this still underpins our product research”; Michael Whiteside, designer.

Studio Connection’s work in recording, theatre and home cabling is regarded globally as exemplary; evolving from the Abbey Road Cable we developed for the studios, our cables have the respect of the most critical people in the audio world. Now we are proud to launch our finest cable system ever, ‘Black Star’.

To audition the new BLACK STAR range or know more: connect@studioconnections.co.uk


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Science of sound and the story behind Black Star

Some say cable important, others doubt it; but just the fact that there such a large disagreement means that something needs investigating…

I’ve worked in pro audio for 35 years; the fact is well designed cable systems provides a stable environment that enables equipment to deliver finer detail that would otherwise be lost. This brings ‘real’ sounding reproduction and character of a sound a step closer.

To get an idea of this, when we  Mounted a telescope on a 15m concrete base,  the images we took went from a few stars to  a level of rich clarity worthy of NASA…more about the science of sound and the story behind Black Star


Black Star analytical review by Mastering Engineer of the year, Matt Coulton

Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing. Read More….

Stories from the studio

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Ever wondered what mastering has to do with what you hear at home? This month we quiz one of the UK’s most renowned mastering engineers, Matt Coulton: Read More or watch the video: